a defining day

Have you ever had one of those days when you just know that you have experienced something that will change your life?  That has been my day today.

I sat in a great sermon today at church.  One thing that the pastor said was to the effect of I get as much of God as I want.  I started thinking about that–how much of God do I want? Have I ever thought about that?  Have I given any real effort to “getting God?”  I mean, isn’t God everywhere?  Do I need to search Him out?  I have given my heart to Jesus–I have to still “get God?”  As I moved up on stage with the praise band at my church, I started really thinking about that.  You know what?  I’m not sure I was ready for those thoughts.  I was just so overwhelmed with emotion–I don’t even know why I started to cry, but once I started, I had a hard time stopping.  Again, have you ever had one of those days?  Well, through the tears, I finally realized something, something life changing.  I haven’t made “getting God” a priority, a true priority that leads my lfe.  As I spoke the words deep within me, my God made my life path so clear–as if He hadn’t already.  I accepted what I needed to do, and have spent part of my night researching various aspects of this life choice.  Want to know something even more crazy?  I have that peace–the peace that had alluded me for the past few weeks.  I knew I hadn’t had that calm, but hadn’t truly realized how much I needed it–how much I needed it.

So now I sit, wanting more of God, having a clear vision of how God wants me to live my ministry.  Do you want that for yourself–a true peace that comes from so deep within you.  I can’t tell you how rested I feel, how I know that this is the decision for me.  All I know is that I long for God to use me to further His work, and I am ready to take this to the next level.  So, out there, this day begins a new chapter .  I believe God will work mightily through me–I can’t wait!

Do you want this–a feeling of walking in God’s will?  Seek our God fully, listen to wise counsel, keep your heart open to what God says to you in any situation, and be ready to do what you are called to do.  My advice would be to do what you are shown quickly to avoid the wilderness I have wandered in for the past few weeks.

Until next time…


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