What will I do…

Most of the time I have in my head a vague idea of where I want to go with each blog entry.  Well today, girls, I have no idea where I am headed.  So, jump on the train with me and let’s see where we stop!

I sit here trying to decide which way to go with this, and my mind keeps going back to cake and ice cream  blueberries.  I am currently at the beginning of what appears to be a bountiful blueberry season.  For some reason that escapes me, my husband and I thought it would be a great idea to plant some blueberry bushes.  “Some” turned into sixty–yes you read that correctly.  In years past, sixty bushes weren’t any big deal–they have different “peak times”, and we weren’t getting that many anyway.  This year however, is a different story.  It has been a very wet spring and summer where I live–ideal conditions for a fruit to develop and thrive.  You may or may not know, but blueberries are made up of about 85% water.  In the current season, water is not a problem, and having a large amount of blueberries is a side benefit of this.  And when I say large amount, trust me in this.  I have berries on top of berries.  They are clustered so tightly, I have to pick some off just to let the others in the cluster have a chance to grow.  It is the craziest growing season we’ve had with these clumps of blue lusciousness.  And did I mention that I am just at the beginning of this incredible season?  Pray that I, and my whole family, do not turn into roly poly blue blobs (was that in Willie Wonka?  Can’t remember!)

Where am I going with this?  I think my awesome blueberry season can be likened to our spiritual lives.  It’s kind of like my blueberry seasons in the past–how happy we were to get a few bags of blueberries to put in the freezer those first years, then forget about them until the next season came along.  Likewise, we are OK when we can go to church on Sunday, visit with our churchy friends, maybe even go out to lunch with them afterwards–then slip back in to the mundane existence we call our lives for the rest of the week.  God is still God, and we get our “weekly filling” of Him, and then relax until it’s time to do it all again next Sunday.  Everything between us and God is good–no worries.     But then (switch again), something like the harvest of blueberries to end all harvests of blueberries comes along.  What do we do with all these round blue things?  I haven’t spent any time tending them, collecting recipes, figuring out the best way to use them.  We can only eat so many of them–what now?  Spiritually speaking, what about when the unthinkable happens?  You have a test result that requires further, drawn out testing.  One of the members of your family is hurt.   A situation seems hopeless.  What do we do then?  Will a weekly filling of God be enough to get you through a tough time?    Unlike with extra blueberries, we can’t just put a few “good experiences” with God in storage, then pull them out to use when things are difficult.  Our time with God has to be daily, in some situations hourly or even minute-by-minute.  When we are in the “habit” of spending time with God, those moments are used as a reminder of how good our God truly is.  We know more and more about Him the more and more time we spend with Him.  As our knowledge of our God grows, so does our confidence in Who He is and what He is capable of doing in our lives.  Being constantly mindful of God and His presence in our lives makes a huge difference in the “what now?” moments that we have.  Taking those continual moments with God of sharing, praying, crying, listening and making them a lifelong practice  better prepares us for those moments when we “aren’t prepared.”  I’m not saying that everything will be rosy–I am saying that being secure and stable in the relationship that we cultivate and maintain with God will make even the most difficult situations more bearable.  Why?  Because we have the confidence in who we are and Whose we are–no matter the circumstance. “Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, and whose confidence is in Him” (Jeremiah 17:7).

What can we take away from this?  If you are in a “good blueberry season” (not too many, just enough), rejoice.  Take the time to find ways to use the abundance of berries when they come–new recipes, freezing techniques, blueberry-loving friends, farmer’s market, or whatever other ways you can find to be a good steward of the bounty you’ve been given.  Likewise, if you are in a place where life is good, rejoice.  Take the time to deepen your relationship with the Lord.  Memorize Scripture, take a Bible study, find some new friends in the Lord, join a church, or whatever other ways you can find to strengthen your bond with God.  So whenever the blueberries come in super-abundance, or life gives you an answer you weren’t expecting–you can be ready to face the situation head-on with the new “weapons” you have acquired during the “learning times.”  Believe me ladies, there is nothing quite like knowing that, no matter what comes, you have a God on your side that will see you through the storm (or in my case at this time, will see me through the haze of blueberries on the horizon).

Walk on, my sisters.   A blueberry cobbler awaits on the other side of the rows and rows of blueberry bushes…

They do look yummy though, don’t they?



For lots of blueberry recipes (in case you are like me with an abundance), visit:


I get a lot of my recipes from this site–check it out!




  1. Joy Barnette

    I always enjoy reading what The Lord gives you to share. I am thankful to know that He is with me ALL the time! Yes, those blueberries do look yummy! Enjoy!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Joy. It is a real blessing to know that God is with us all the time!

  2. Unlike blueberries, we can never get too much of God. He has given every part of Himself in the person of Jesus Christ and our entire spirit is devoted to Him. Until we leave this fleshly body and don our new bodies, we constantly crave more. Until then we eat blueberries every time we find them. Thanks for the lovely analogy and devotional.

    • Thanks so much for the comment. I pray that we never believe we have gotten “too much of God.” I just don’t think that will ever be possible, though it is a cool idea to try! Keep eating those berries!

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