Sometimes, what we need is a distraction…

I can’t believe it!  Here I am on day 5 of my week-long blogging experiment!  I’ve made it…!!!

I have just returned from an awesome day with a treasured friend of mine.

You know the kind–a friend who has been with you through a bunch of stuff.

A friend you would turn to if you needed someone to listen, or to distract you.

That’s what I have been today.  I have been a distraction.  I have labeled myself many things in my life, lots of those labels not so glowing, but I don’t think I’ve ever called myself a distraction.  Until today.

And you know what?  I thoroughly enjoyed being one.

Now I know those of you who have read my entire week devoted to the “evils” of distractions may be shaking your heads right now.  “How could she call herself that?  After all the things she said distractions do, like keep you from your job, steal your joy, alter your focus?  Is that girl going soft in the head?”  Let me assure you, I am not losing my mind.  Just giving you a new perspective.

I am sure that you have had days when you just wanted to be anywhere except where you were. Doing anything except what you were with anyone else other than the company you had.  (Tell the truth girls.  It’s not nice to lie!)  This was one of those days for my treasured friend.  She needed to get away from her house and all that went along with it.  I am so very glad that she chose me to distract her from the daily grind. We had a wonderful day of talking, laughing, eating, and yes, even shopping (I know, I don’t shop–but I do when I’m enticed!)

 I believe that our day out was just what she needed to get her through the rest of the weekend.  Now don’t think that I’m putting such high stock in myself.  Believe me, I am not.  But, I know that God put us together as friends long ago, and He has kept that friendship going.  He was the one that laid it on her heart to seek me out, He was the one that gave us lots to talk about, He was the one that removed any hindrances that might have kept us from just enjoying the day.  She needed a distraction, and quite frankly, so did I.  We were each other’s distractions, and I’m so glad I have her in my life.  I love this verse from Proverbs 18:24: 

“Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family.” (MSG)
That is my friend, and others that I have, who definitely fit the bill.  I am truly blessed.
So, what about you?  Do you have a friend or two that you consider a treasure?  Why not call them up?  Check up with their lives.  Be that friend who, when good times are there, rejoices.  And when the hard times come, cries.  

“The person who shuns the bitter moments of friends will be an outsider at their celebrations.”
Proverbs 14:10 (MSG)

 We all need a little distraction at times.  Why not be a distraction to someone today?  

You will receive a blessing from it–I guarantee!

And if you are looking for something to do during your “distraction time,” why not go out for some frozen yogurt? It is a truly divine treat, and provides a great opportunity to spend some time just talking and enjoying life.  We all need to do that more, don’t you think?    Distractions can be just what we need…




  1. debbie isley

    I count you as one of my dear treasured friends! :).

    • You know you are certainly one of mine!

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