Five Minute Friday again.  This week’s topic–last.  Check out Lisa Jo’s blog for more entries.

“No, that’s OK.  You guys go ahead.  I’ll be last.”

If I had a nickel for everytime I have said that in my life…  Yes, you are thinking correctly.  I am constantly last–last in line, last to put away my dishes, last to fold the laundry, last to make a decision.  Last, last, last.  That is the way I live.

How did I get this way?  Well, for many years, I tried desperately to be first…in anything.  But, that never happened for me.  Not until…my husband proposed to me.  I was the first and only one he ever asked to marry him!  Hey, life was looking up!

But, then we had children, and I once again became the queen of last-ness.  Now I know that we have to put our children’s needs ahead of our own, and I did (and if I were completely honest, I still do even though they are both in their twenties now!).  All those years of putting myself last took it’s toll.  How do I carve out some time for me?

Then I remember a verse in the Bible:  “and the first shall be last, and the last shall be first” (loosely paraphrased by me).  There’s hope.  My last-ness may not be a terminal condition.   I spend a lot of my time serving others–and one day, I hope that I can be in a place to appreciate the work others do for me.

That is, if I’m not the last one to get there…



  1. Yes, the Last shall be first! Amen! I enjoyed your post. I’m happy to be your fmf neighbor! Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks! Enjoy your weekend as well!

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