It’s Five Minute Friday again.  The topic?  Worship…

I’ve heard it said, and I believe it’s true:  everybody worships something.

So I started thinking, what does worship mean?  To me, it means setting someone apart, giving worth to that someone, loving or adoring that someone above all others.

As far as I’m concerned, my worship belongs to God.  I mean, who else deserves it?  Yes I know we have all these celebrities in Hollywood, making mega-million dollar movies.  But do they deserve worship?  Not as far as I’m concerned.  They do something for a living that I certainly can’t (nor do I want to!), but they don’t qualify according to my definition above.

Let’s take another route. How about our families?  We spend a lot of time with them, we have them “set apart” in our own minds as special people.  We love them very much.  This is where I need to be careful.  I could very easily worship the men in my family–I could easily devote more time to them and make them the object of worship.

But hear me carefully girls.  As much as I love them, they are not holy, perfect, just, Almighty.  Those are the words I left out of my definition earlier.  Only the One who fits into my earlier definition as well as these words I just used deserves my worship.  And that One is my God.

So, who will you worship?  Remember, everybody worships something, or in my case, Someone.



  1. Great food for thought! It’s so easy to start ‘setting apart’ objects, and people who are extremely important to us here in this world…but so crucial to remember that God is the ONLY one truly worthy of worship.

    • You are right! May we always remember the true object of our worship must be God. Have a great weekend!

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