It’s Five Minute Friday again!  The topic is…Mercy.

I am a southern girl.  Born and raised in Virginia, now a resident of North Carolina.  In the south, we have many expressions that may seem odd to those people who don’t live here.  “Bless your heart”  is probably  the best known one.  But we southerners also say “Mercy!” a lot as well.

Why do people say that?  As I think back to situations where I have heard someone say that, most of the time, something has happened that seems unbelievable.  Like someone’s child did something crazy at school, and the response is simply, “Mercy!”  Why?  Are they asking for mercy for the person involved in the story?  Are they asking for mercy for the people who are telling the story?  Are they asking for mercy for themselves because they had to hear the story?  I don’t know!!!

Mercy, to me, is something that is given without any thought of repayment or consequence, like giving something better than what is “deserved.”   When I think of mercy, I think of aid workers in some desperate human situation.  They are giving mercy to these people because they absolutely need it–they don’t deserve the life situation they are in.

But most of all, I think mercy is what we receive each day, each moment, from God.  We as humans are a sinful bunch, and we do things all the time that disappoint God.  He could decide that He’s had enough of us and wipe us off the planet.  But he doesn’t.  Why?  Because He loves us, and He wants each of us to love Him back.  He’s giving mercy to us, even at great expense to His heart.

So, when I think of God, all this southern girl can say is “Mercy!”  I can’t believe He loves me that much!  Can you?



  1. I can’t, Anita. But I’m so grateful He does. Are you going to Allume in Oct? Where are you at in NC, I’m in Charlotte.

    • His mercy truly is unfathomable, isn’t it? I am not going to Allume–actually I just found out about it while visiting a blog of a lady I met recently. I live just up messy 85 from you in Salisbury! Have a great weekend!

  2. Barbie

    I can’t fathom it either. I don’t deserve the love He’s given to me. Crying “Mercy!” right along with you. Stopped by from the FMF!

    • Sometimes “mercy” is all we can say! Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Mercy and grace are two of the biggest gifts we can give (and receive). I don’t know why people in the south say “Mercy” either… but then again I’ve never really lived down there. I do however, think it is adorable when I hear it (I’m a New Englander).

    • I appreciate you stopping by! I’m so thankful for both the mercy and grace that I receive daily from our Lord! Have a great weekend!

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