Isn’t it great to feel needed?  Think about a time when your presence was just what someone else wanted.  How did it make you feel?  I have ventured back into the world of public education.  Today was my first day back, and after the shock wore off, people seemed genuinely glad to see me.  It was awesome to return with such a reception!

I’m going deep from the beginning girls, so hang on.  Think about your life.  In what areas do you feel needed?  If you are a mom, you will probably say you always feel needed (maybe even a little too much 🙂 ) Though the constant “Mom?” refrain may make you crazy at times, it is wonderful to have your children look at you as someone who can help them with whatever has come up in their world.  I pray as moms we never grow so weary of the always needy-ness of our kids.  But where else do you feel needed?  At your job, in your home with your man, at your church, in your relationships?  Now let’s take it a step:  what does that feeling of being needed do to you?  Does it irritate you, make you crazy, inspire thoughts of a vacation?  What do you feel deep down inside when you are needed?  This is my thought–the more we feel the need is “sincere,” the “warmer” we feel in our hearts.  Does that make sense?  If you feel like someone truly needs you, you are more likely to help them out.  If however you feel that this “need” that the person has is just one more in a long line of “needs”…  Well you may not feel so warm and fuzzy.  

If you have looked at your life and decided that being needed isn’t something you feel, I have a challenge for you.  Find someone or somewhere that truly needs your help.  Volunteer at your local school, food pantry, clothes closet, soup kitchen.  I know the people at those locations and many others would be thrilled to see you!  Find a lady at church, at work, in the line at the grocery store–who could use some encouragement.  We all need to be needed girls.  ALL of us–even the ones who don’t think they need that!

To shift your thinking a bit more, I’m going to sound like your Mom:  “One day, you will be the one who will need something, and if you don’t help the needy out now, how can you expect to have someone help you later?”  2 Corinthians 9:6 says, “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.”  I’m not saying to help others so you can be helped later.  But, when you help someone, the blessing you receive is almost instantaneous:  being a blessing to others turns out to be more of a blessing to you.  Try it, you will see how that works. Helping others grows your compassion, your love, your forgiveness, your patience, your joy!  When you are needed and you allow yourself to fill a need, God sees it and uses it.   Sow generously now–reap generously now and throughout your life!

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