Feb.22–Sweet Saturday…

Hello out there!

I know, I’ve been gone a while from blogland.  But, I’ve returned with an all-new refreshed attitude.  I hope you like the changes.

First of all, I want to thank you for hanging in with me.  I’ve been concentrating on putting up small posts on my blog facebook page.  I love the ease and quickness of posting to that.  If you haven’t “liked” that page, feel free to hop on over now.  On the facebook page, you will find short inspirational and Biblical quotes along with some of my own thoughts.  These blurbs are easy to read and will hopefully encourage you on your day.

For this blog, I will be doing more in-depth postings.  Here you will find encouragement steeped in the Word of God.  I will write about topics that interest today’s woman and give some insights that I’ve gained along my journey.  This blog will also have links to some yummy food.  I plan to devote my Saturday posts to desserts (my favorite!), but I will also include recipes for main and side dishes and maybe even some appetizers.  I want this blog to be one that inspires not only your daily life, but also gives you the encouragement you need to step into the kitchen with confidence as you prepare meals for your family and friends.

So today, my springboard verse comes from Colossians 3: 9b-10 (NIV):  “… since you have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.”  The weather where I live has been crazy this winter–very cold, unseasonably warm, cold, snow (lots of it! Loved it!), unseasonably warm again.  I am enjoying a period of the warmth today.  It is awesome to be outside at the end of February without a warm jacket!  As I walk with my husband, I see flowers and plants coming to life–and oh how I hate to see that–winter’s not over yet 😦  These plants, along with me, are trying to take off the “old self” of winter and exchange it for the “new self” of spring.  But girls, it’s not always easy to get rid of the old self, is it?  Our “old self” wants to hang on:  we don’t want to give up watching some show, reading some book, speaking some words, thinking some thoughts.  After all, our old self has served us just fine in the past.  We can’t continue to live that way anymore once we begin a relationship with Jesus.  Our verse for today says that we have to let go of our old selves and put on the new.  When we do that, God strengthens us to walk in a new way.  He shows us ways to live that do not include those things that we once did.  Our Creator wants to “create” something new within us–something that desires to be more like Him, and less like us.  And unlike the plants and flowers that are trying to begin before they should, Jesus will never lead us into something for which we are not ready.  He prepares us through our everyday interactions to be strong in the knowledge of Him–by putting us in situations where our new self can shine for Him.  We are being made new through the reading of His Word daily and by the strengthening of our relationship with Him–through prayer and daily conversations.  You are being renewed sister moment by moment, day by day.  Our new self has so much to learn and so many ways to grow.  It’s pretty exciting to think about–becoming a new chick for the glory of God!  Sounds absolutely wonderful, doesn’t it?

So today as you enjoy your weekend, think about how God has been renewing you.  Perhaps He has led you to a new church, a new friend, a new Bible study, a new workplace, a new home, a new experience.  Whatever He has done, thank Him for it.  It is for your good and His glory that you are where you are right now.  Enjoy it, relish it, be present in it.  He is making you more like Him!

For our dessert today, I wanted to give you a recipe for something fresh.  Since this is the kickoff of my new old blog, I had a special recipe in mind.  Now I apologize to those of you who are not chocoholics like myself, because this recipe is definite chocolate.  May it renew you and your desire to prepare food for the enjoyment of others.

This Chocolate Cobbler  from the blog Bake or Break is absolutely delish!  You probably have the ingredients in your pantry.  Try it today.  Whoever eats this will thank you for this delightful dessert! And you will feel renewed by celebrating an awesome yet easy dessert coming from your oven!  Have an awesome Saturday my sister!

Yes!  Chocolate Cobbler -- When you need a dessert without making a trip to the store -- You probably always have the ingredients on hand for this one.


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