It’s Five Minute Friday again girls!  I am joining lots of ladies who take just five minutes to write about the weeks’ topic.  This week we are writing on “begin.”  So, let’s begin…

So, I’ve come back to the blogging world.

I guess you could say I am “beginning” again.  It seems so much easier to post whatever comes to mind on my social media page.  But, I believe God is calling me back to the blog.  ‘Tis the season for change, I suppose.

You see, I’ve just moved my younger son into his new apartment.  The older son is already in his new place.  Both are set, ready to begin a new school year.  Yes, it must be August 1st.

A great time for beginning, right?  For many years, August 1st was the beginning of the “sad month” for me.  As a teacher, August meant the beginning of the school year was near and summer was almost over; thus the “sad month.”  Now I am not in that frame of mind, so I need something else to “begin” August 1st.

Because of that, this August 1st is the beginning of my new commitment to the blog.  Will it be hard to write on it once a week?  Well, I think it would be if I didn’t have the promptings from Five Minute Friday to move me to action.  I am thankful to have this site to link up with other ladies eager to share whatever God lays on their hearts.  I am equally grateful to have the platform to encourage me to write more on this blog.

August 1st.  A time of new beginnings; for my sons, new apartments.  For myself, new appointments.  I now have a standing appointment every Friday–Five Minute Friday.  I begin again…




  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere! I hope your sons have a great school year and that you are able to dive deep as you pour forth your soul on your blog.
    Hugs from Five-Minute-Friday! 🙂

    • Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement!

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