On the mountain…

time alone

Thanks to adivineencounter.com for our graphic today.

Hello Tuesday people!  So glad you came to visit this blog!

Matthew 14:23 (NIV) provides the inspiration for our graphic:  “After He (Jesus) had dismissed them (the disciples), He went up on a mountainside by Himself to pray.”  Jesus and the disciples had just finished feeding the five thousand, and He sent the disciples to the other side of the lake.  This verse is actually tucked between the feeding of the five thousand and the walking on the water.  I believe we can glean so much from these few words.

Friend, we all need time alone with God.  I know you may be thinking, “Well of course we do.”  Let me explain what I mean.  So often we put our “alone time” somewhere between one task and another.  Have you noticed that when you have something else to do, you tend to hurry through whatever is standing between you and that something else?  I will admit to you, I do at times hurry through my time alone with God: “Yep, I’ve been a good Christian girl and I’ve prayed and put my requests in front of Him. Now I can do the next thing.  Check that off my list for today.”  

I shouldn’t do that, and neither should you.  Our Savior, the Son of God, took time to be alone with His Father.  The One Who knows the thoughts of the Almighty, spent time alone in prayer.  If Jesus felt the need to do that, how much more should we feel that need!   We think that our busy lives can’t give up any more time–we give what we can to God, and move on.  A moment here, a minute there, should be enough, right?  We reduce the God of the universe to just another task on our ever-growing to-do list.  And because of that mind-set, we miss out on something that no other “task” can give us.

There is nothing like the feeling of inner peace, comfort, joy, that comes from that special time with God.  When we give our all to Him (and by all I mean thoughts, actions, time, talents, treasures) and focus solely on Him, He meets us where we are.  He surrounds us with His love, His grace, His mercy.  We are given the amazing opportunity to tap into His patience, His joy, His love.  By spending time alone with Him (and by alone I mean ALONE–no tv, phone, computer, radio), we become more like Him.  And sweetie, when we are more like Him, we are able to show Him more clearly to a world that truly needs Him.  Not only do we benefit from “time alone on the mountain”;  everyone we encounter “in the trenches” also gets some of the goodies.  It’s a win-win for everybody!

So today, carve out some alone time for you and God. Take a walk, take a drive–somehow find time to spend “on the mountain” with our Savior.  Give Him your full attention, listen to His softly spoken words, notice the details He has put in your world, praise Him for the day, sit at His feet, allow Him to fill you with His wisdom.  You will be better for it–and others will notice the difference in you.

Since you are carving out some great God time today, let me give you a dish for dinner that won’t take a lot of time.   Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread is a quick yet tasty dinner entrée.  Pair it with some fresh fruit, and you are set for a yummy meal.  Your family will love the taste, you will love the fact that it didn’t take long to prepare.  Now that you have the time while the garbage bread is baking, what will you do?  I see some “mountain time” in your future…

Doesn’t this look yummy?  Believe me, it is!  Try it out today!  I’m off to climb the mountain–or in my case, walk the field…  See you next week!

Yes!  buffalo chicken garbage bread--a bit messy to roll but oh so yummy!


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