Welcome to another edition of Fix-It Friday on Be Very Well Fed!  As usual, we will dig into Scripture, then finish with a yummy recipe.  Ready?  Let’s go!


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Our target verse for today is Leviticus 6:12, though it is also stated in Leviticus 6:9 and again in 6:13.  Girls, when God repeats Himself, we should perk up our ears and listen!  Since He states this three times in five verses, our ears should be seriously on the ready!

These verses came when God gave instructions to Moses on the various offerings the Israelites could offer to God.  Let me go on record to say I am glad I wasn’t one of the priests during that time!  Wow, lots of things to remember, and since there are days when I can’t remember what I had for lunch, it’s just a good thing I wasn’t around!  Anyway, God told Moses, who told the priests, that the fire on the altar in the Tabernacle must burn at all times.  Think of that.  Someone had to be in the Tabernacle 24/7.  The priests had to constantly be watching, deciding, tending, and adding to the flame so it would not go out.

What does that mean for us today?  I researched these verses, and some commentators compared the fire on the altar to the praise and worship of God’s people (Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary).  So… we should be looking for opportunities to praise Him, deciding how we should offer our worship, tending our lives so that praise is constantly on our lips, and adding new ways of worship to our existing practices.  Sounds easy enough.  Look closer.  We should be doing these things 24/7.  Not just on Sunday, or Wednesday.  All the time.  When our kids are sick, when we are snowed in, when our parents are making us crazy, when the traffic won’t move.  That fire, that praise, doesn’t just happen within us.  We have to be vigilant, like the Levitical priests.  It is our job, girls, to keep the fire of praise and worship constantly lit inside.  Just as they did long ago, we must stoke the fire constantly so the flame won’t go out.

Another interpretation of these verses suggest that the fire is in reference to Christ’s love for us (Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible).  Wow!  Jesus is constantly watching for reasons to show His love.  He is constantly deciding the best way to reach out to us.  Christ is constantly tending our relationship to make sure it is growing.  And He is constantly adding situations in our lives that remind us of His love.  Girls, that makes me stop in my tracks.  The One Who created everything, and Who everything was created for (Colossians 1:16 NIV), does these things to keep His love always in my mind and in my heart.  Who else works that hard to keep a relationship going?  No one.

Jesus wants to keep the fire of His love burning within us, and He will do whatever it takes to make that happen–even die a cruel death for our sins.  Take a moment and let all this sink into your soul.  The fire within us, the love of Jesus, must be kept burning; we can’t allow anything to put it out or even diminish the flames.

We’ve got to get rid of anything that isn’t a good source of fuel for the fire.  You know your life and you know what’s in it that keeps the flame of praise and worship smoldering.  You know how the fire of Jesus’ love sometimes gets cold water poured on it.  Girls, we’ve got to fan the flames, not snuff them out.  Figure out how you can add more praise and worship to your day, then actually do it.  Allow yourself to feel the rich and full love of Jesus in your life.  Tend the fire sweetheart.  It must not go out!

As we work to keep that fire going, how about a recipe that uses fire-roasted tomatoes?  This recipe for Fire-Roasted Tomato Pasta from Eat Good 4 Life is an easy meal-time idea.  Serve along with a fruit salad (just chop up some fruits you have handy and stir together), and you’ve got a meal.

fired roasted tomato pasta

Hey, want to share your ideas on keeping the fire of praise and worship burning?  Feel free to comment below!


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