Welcome!  Another Try-It Tuesday is here on Be Very Well Fed!  Let’s examine Scripture from Psalm 68.  Then we’ll look at a fabulous recipe.


Thanks to Heather Fignar, Worthy Words and Work for our graphic!

When I read this verse, I was struck by something.  Imagine for a moment what life would be like if God didn’t daily carry our burdens.  I mean really think about that.

We all have stuff that we carry around; responsibilities and burdens that only we have.  We have work, childcare, parent-care, pet care, ministry, meal preparation, house cleaning, laundry, sport or music practice, grocery shopping and many other things.  And sometimes we may fuss and complain about whichever of those things we have to do.

Go with me girls.  Take a look at our verse again.  God is with us when we are involved in those activities.  And, even though it may be hard to imagine, those activities could be much more difficult than they are.  Yes, these are our responsibilities–but God is there with us to help carry the load.  Our verse says He “daily bears our burdens.”  Not once in a while, or when the mood strikes, or when it’s convenient for Him.  Daily.

I take you back again to our opening thought.  On my toughest, busiest, longest, most exhausting days–I can’t imagine my load being heavier.  But yet, my friend, it would be if it weren’t for my Savior.  He is shouldering the load as well.  He is there to lift my spirit, whisper words of encouragement, give me strength, hold me close, as I go through my day.  He is there to do the same for you.  So the next time you have a rough day, thank God for being with you.  The next time you have an easy, smooth-sailing day–thank God for being with you.  In other words, thank God every day, for we truly do not know how difficult the “burden” may have been without His presence.

Since we are talking about “burdens,” I didn’t want our recipe for today to tire you out.  Italian Sausage Soup is an easy main course.  Packed with protein from sausage and beans, this soup is a great source of fiber as well.  Keep an open mind about the spinach in the soup–if your family will eat it better, chop up the spinach before adding it to the soup.  Paired with crusty bread and fresh fruit, you could have a burden-free meal on the table in less than an hour.  So give it a try tonight.

Italian Sausage Soup Recipe

I’ll see you back here for Fix-It Friday!  Have a lighter burden day, courtesy of our Savior!


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