For I Know…

Try-It Tuesday is here!  Our Scripture today is Psalm 135:5, and our recipe is… well, you’ll just have to read to find out!


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What a statement this verse makes!

Let’s unpack.  “For I know that the Lord is great…”  Think about all the things you “know.”  You know your address, your phone number, important birthdays and anniversaries (at least I hope you do), the best route to drive to work, your favorite food, your least favorite food, etc…  We know a lot of things.  But how do we know that the Lord is great?  We know that fact through experience with some book knowledge thrown in as well.  Each time we step outside, we experience His magnificent nature.  From the caw-caw of the crow to the gentleness of the breeze, we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel the wondrous things He made.  Our experience goes beyond the natural.  During those times of grief, pain, joy, awe, we have felt His very presence with us.  We also know about Him through what we’ve read and heard about Him.  He has made Himself known to us in a variety of ways–that is how and why we can say “For I know that the Lord is great…”

Now comes the more difficult part of the verse:  “…and that our Lord is above all gods.”  What’s so difficult about that, you may ask? If we truly believe that the Lord is above all gods, we have to live that way.  Once again, I know you’re asking “what’s so difficult about that?”  If God is above all other gods, He should have first place in our lives, He should be the most important, He should be the One we turn to…  Do you see where I’m going here?  We talk about how God is above all gods, yet we sacrifice the time that we should spend with Him.  The gods of busyness, appetite, boredom, laziness, tv, computer, social media, practices, discouragement, apathy, and yes even ministry–they and so many others keep us away from God.  They keep us from truly living in a way that places our Lord above all other things.

So how can we live out this verse?  The knowing God is great is easy, the knowing (and living) that He is above all gods isn’t so easy.  We have to be vigilant my friend.  Our enemy wants nothing more than to keep us separate from God, and he will use whatever tool he can find to do so.  How do we battle satan?  We need to find time for God’s Word.  I believe wholeheartedly that having even a few minutes each day to read the Scriptures can make a huge difference in life.  There are many outlets that offer services to provide a daily Scripture verse sent to your phone or email.  Perhaps that’s where to start.  In our technology-rich world, why not use it to further your knowledge of God? (K-love radio, Bible Gateway, American Bible Society and others offer sign-ups).  You may also want to begin a read-the-Bible-in-a-year program.  My man and I are currently using a computer-based one, and we love it because it does all the work–all we have to do is read and absorb (we use Bible Study Tools, but there are lots others–just search Bible reading plans).  My prayer is that we all can live in a way that fully shows our commitment to our verse:  “For I (insert your name) know that (my) God is great, and that (my) Lord is above all gods” (and that means anything that may want to steal my time from Him).

One thing that may take a lot of time is meal planning.  I hope you are making weekly menus, and buying all the necessary components during one trip to the store–if not, I urge you to begin this process (If you are interested in how to do this, please message me).  Today’s recipe is quick and easy, giving you plenty of time to spend with God and your family.  Ham and Egg Casserole is a wonderful dish–and it can be served at any time during the day. Made with simple ingredients and easy steps, you can have this meal ready in no time.  Serve with a side of sliced apples and you are set.

Ham and Egg Breakfast Casseroles Recipe

Spend some time with our Lord.  I’ll see you back here Friday!


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