Life…and headaches…

Welcome to Fix-It Friday on Be Very Well Fed!

Have you ever had a day when everything is just clicking along–then suddenly it’s like the sky is falling?  Yep, that’s my day today!  An unexpected potential blessing has popped up amid an already scheduled trip out-of-town.  Trying to coordinate things with several people in different locations has all the makings for a great headache medicine commercial!  So, as I’m trying to get my brain focused back on writing, I “stumble” upon this verse in 1 John 5:12:


Ok, you might be saying.  How does this verse help when the sky is falling?  (Just to be clear, it isn’t me who thinks the sky is falling, but I have to be in contact with those who think it is!)  I’ll tell you how it helps.  All these little nuisances,  these little setbacks, these little issues are nothing in the scope of life.  Yes, they make my head hurt (still), they make my stomach turn, they make me tense.  But they have no bearing on my life in the long-term.

My friend, I have the Son of God in my life, in my heart, in my world.  Troubles may come, headaches may stay (and stay and stay), but my God will never leave me.  I have life abundantly now, through the grace and mercy that comes through the blood of Jesus.  I can’t expect my life to be any different from Jesus’ life  on earth–trials, temptations, skepticism, doubt, hate, cruelty, misunderstandings–all were in Jesus’ life (I do wonder if He had headaches?  Sorry, I currently have a doozy and I’m struggling to concentrate.)  My life is better with Jesus in it.

Not only do I have life in abundance now, but I will have life in abundance when I am face to face with Jesus.  My life doesn’t end when it ends here.  Nope, it is the beginning of an eternal life in the presence of my Savior.  I do think about heaven at times and imagine how it will be.  I had the “odd” occurrence the other day as I was driving–it was a beautiful day with a few wispy clouds and I found myself with a feeling of longing–a longing my friend for my heavenly home.  I have a wonderful life here on earth, but earth isn’t my final destination–I’m a citizen of heaven, and I’m just waiting for my ride into the everlasting.

Take a look at our verse–if we have the Son Jesus we have life.  If we don’t have Jesus, we don’t have life.  Sweetheart, if you have not accepted Jesus as your Savior, you do not have that promise of life everlasting in heaven. Just as I know that my eternal destination is heaven; without Jesus, your eternal destination is hell.   We all will stand before God our Judge.  At that time, He will either see you through the blood of Jesus (if you are a follower of Christ), or He will see you as yourself.  My friend, my prayer is that you have Jesus as your Savior.  If you have questions, find a local church and ask.  There will be people who can answer your questions and point you toward a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.  As the saying goes, “Know Jesus, know life.  No Jesus, no life.”

Since I am dwelling in the land of über headaches, I’m going to give you an easy recipe.  Warm Spinach Salad may sound weird, but it truly is delicious.  Add some craisins, feta, and almonds after wilting the spinach, and you have a super healthy salad.  If you’d like, grill some chicken to serve with it.  Give it a try.

Yes!  Warm Spinach Salad Add feta, almonds and craisins after wilting spinach.  Yummy!


Have a wonderful weekend!  See you back here on Tuesday!


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