But He was…

Welcome to Good Friday!  We will focus on Scripture, then focus on food.  Let’s go…

Isaiah 53:5

Take a moment, my friend.  Think about this verse.  Think about the sacrifice.  Think…

There will probably be many, many devotions written today to commemorate Good Friday.  In honesty, I thought I’d be one of them–unpacking verses and giving commentary.

But as I was researching for this post, it occurred to me–what can I really add to this day?

Our Savior did it all.  He took my sins, and your sins, and everyone’s sins upon His holy shoulders.  He was beaten, spit upon, despised, rejected.  He was barely able to walk when it came time to carry His cross, our cross, to Calvary.  The weight on His back must have been tremendous–after all, He carried not only the physical cross, but also the figurative crosses of all humanity.

He was nailed to a cross, hoisted up in the air.  Some sneered.  Some mourned.  Some rejoiced.  My friend, He didn’t stay there because of those three nails.  He hung on that cross because of love.  LOVE.  Love for you, love for me, love for us all.

He was God.  He was holy.  He was blameless.  He was sinless.  BUT HE WAS pierced, crushed, punished, wounded.

All for us.

Today, reflect on that.  What a price to pay to open the door for us mere humans.

On Sunday, we rejoice.  We celebrate that He did not stay in the tomb.  Hallelujah!

But today, oh today.  We feel the weight of His sacrifice.  We feel the sorrow of His sacrifice.  We feel the awe of His sacrifice.

May we never forget that, while He lives today and sits at the right hand of His Father, He also died.  What He did for us we can never repay.  Thank You, my dear Jesus, for loving me enough to follow the plan of our heavenly Father.  Thank you for the sacrifice.  I will be eternally grateful.

As you reflect today, let me offer you a new recipe.  Grilled Chicken Tzatziki Salad is a plan-ahead recipe, but is a wonderfully light dish that I hope you will try for your family.

Grilled Chicken Tzatziki Salad

 May your heart be filled with rejoicing over this special Resurrection weekend!  Our Jesus is alive, and risen indeed!  Praise Him for His sacrifice and for His love!  He is worthy!

See you back here Tuesday!


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