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Our target today is actually an entire psalm.  Psalm 128 is part of the group of psalms (120-134) known as the “Psalms of Ascent.”  These were psalms that the priests would say, or sing, as they ascended, or climbed up, the stairs to the Temple.  There is speculation as to whether or not the singing of these psalms was limited to only the priests.  Some scholars believe that the Israelite men sang these songs on their way to observe the main feasts three times a year–since some of the journey was uphill, therein comes the “ascents” part of the description.  Regardless, these psalms were ones that were easy to memorize and were quoted often.

So why did I choose this one as our focus?  Because it was part of my Bible reading today, and I think it has some great pieces of blessing–that’s why.

 Let me ask you–do you long for the Lord’s blessings?  Of course; we all do.  But…that should not be the reason that you come to Christ.  Our God is not a vending machine of blessing, where you put in your daily prayers and expect a blessing to appear.  I pray that your profession of faith in Jesus is based on your need for Him, not what you need from Him.

OK, off my soap box for the moment.  “Fear” in this psalm is not the horror-movie fear–it is respect, reverence.  Our God deserves our utmost respect; when we give that to Him, our lives are more peaceful simply because we are walking in His ways and have that contentment in our souls.

Verse 2 is interesting because of the time of year.  Spring is when the ambitious, green-thumbed among us plant the seeds and wait patiently for the “fruits of their labor.”  I am so glad that this verse can mean many things because this chick is not green-thumbed in the gardening department.  Unless you want to count weed growth; if that’s the case, I should win some type of award!  No my friend, the “fruits of our labor” depend on our labor.  A hard day’s work, an earnest prayer, an encouraging word, a shoulder to cry on, an unexpected visit, a ride to the airport, helping with a large project, picking up the pieces after a broken relationship, spending extra time with a child, practicing for a big event, etc…  Our “reward” may not be tangible, our “riches” may not be visible; however, our souls will rejoice because of our labor.

As for the next part of the psalm, I don’t dare try to interpret.  It is pretty straight-forward.

You can read for yourself–the Lord wants to bless those who “fear” or respect Him.  The ball is in our court, really (sorry, basketball reference.  I used to date a basketball player in my younger days, and that saying keeps coming out of my mouth for some reason.  I guess it’s because I heard it a lot…)  Anyway, we have to wrap our head around the fact that “blessing” looks differently for all of us; and ultimately, it is the Lord Who decides what blessing to give.

The next part of the psalm is particularly meaningful to me.  My man and I have two wonderful sons, both in college, both in relationships, neither with imminent marriage plans.  So, we are not grandparents–and are in no hurry to become them!  All in the Lord’s timing… Sorry, digressing.  Some of my friends have already crossed into “grandparent land,” and speak often of the joys associated with it.  In fact, one of my dear friends is teetering on the edge of that land–any minute now she will step across that line.  My prayer is that all of us will live to see those precious grandchildren that await us–the writer of this psalm had that same prayer.  I hope that each of you that currently have those little ones as well as those of us who await that privilege will delight ourselves in that wondrous time–for again, that is a blessing from our God.

And, as a Christ-follower and Bible-believer, I pray for “quietness and peace” for Israel.  May the United States always come down on the side of Israel, for again, blessings await those who align themselves with God’s chosen people (there’s my political commentary for the year!).

To lighten the mood, how about a light supper?  I recently served this dish to my men, and it was a huge hit.  Taco Lettuce Wraps  is a delightful meal; I added some extra chili powder and salsa to the meat to better suit my family, and the crunch of the lettuce is yummy!  I served some pineapple with it as an offset to the slight spicy-ness of the taco meat.  Try it tonight!

Taco lettuce wraps on - a healthy and delicious alternative to hardshell tacos!

Have an awesome week and I’ll see you here Friday!


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