When words are many…

Friday, Friday, Friday!  It’s Fix-It Friday on Be Very Well Fed!


Thanks upside down homeschooling for our graphic today!

Wow, talk about a verse that just screams my name!  Let me explain.

I often think of myself as a wordsmith of sorts. I mean, words are kinda my thing.  I write with them, sing with them, speak with them. They are my pals.

BUT, too many of them can get a girl in trouble. In my high school days, I was quite good at using words–but not necessarily the good kind.  I was loud, hot-tempered, sarcastic, crude.  Words were used as weapons, as defenses, as lies.   Believe me when I say that there were lots and lots and LOTS of words used by this girl, and those words were mostly used to either continue a sin, or to begin one.  I was a poster child for the first part of this verse for many years.

BUT, when Jesus came into my heart, my words started to change.  It didn’t happen overnight, but I began to find other ways to express my emotions.  My vocabulary increased by leaps and bounds as I discovered how to speak my anger or sadness or hurt.  Still, I spoke at times when I shouldn’t have said anything (just like my younger days–just a cleaner version).  There was still work to be done in my life.

AND, work my Jesus did.  He started to show me the virtues of silence.  Not hurtful, giving-the-silent-treatment-silence.  Just silence.  Can I just say–that was, has been, and will continue to be, one of the hardest lessons this girl has learned!  Someone such as myself who used to have no trouble sharing her opinion suddenly sitting by quietly while another person talked!  Unheard of in my youth!  The younger me would have given you her opinion loudly, super loudly, with decibel-shattering volume.  And that’s just if I was in agreement with you!  Oh my, let’s not start on the argument side of the used-to-be-me!

My friend, I cannot express adequately using these words the might of Jesus’ work in me.   It is by the gentle grace of our Lord that He has pruned not only those unwholesome words from my vocabulary but also the unwholesome way that I would use words in general.

Words, when used correctly, can encourage, inspire, enlighten, enrich.  That’s how I pray I use words today.  Yes, there are times when I stumble.  There are times when my words wound another. There are times when I wish I hadn’t said something.  Praise be to God, those times are now the rarity instead of the certainty.  I hold my tongue a lot, and I am finding that it is during those times when God speaks His wisdom to me.  Sometimes the wisdom is meant for someone else, and I share it when appropriate.  Sometimes the wisdom is meant for me.

So today, I encourage you take a look at your words.  Do you use lots of them, in ways you shouldn’t?  Do you find yourself holding words back as “punishment?”  Our words are mighty–they have tremendous power.  Ask God to show you ways to better use your words.  I encourage you to be a “poster child” for the last part of our verse.

And speaking of words, I’m going to give you three–pudding, pancakes, and p-cornbread (I love alliteration and the cornbread messed it up so I made it work!).  My man and I had some milk about to expire, so I used it to make these wonderful things.  Pudding is excellent, and this recipe (you will need to scroll down that page to find the recipe)uses three cups.  Pancakes–well, I wish I could give you some wonderful recipe.  The truth is this–I used Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix (as much as I needed to use up the milk) and added some cinnamon (hey, sometimes I like convenient–no hate!).  The P-cornbread is divine.  It uses one and one-fourth cups milk.  Three great examples of ways to use milk.  So, the next time you have milk that will soon go the way of the drain, use these recipes.  Your family will love them, and you will feel like you’ve saved some money!


Enjoy the awesome spring weekend, and I’ll see you for Try-It Tuesday!


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