A gentle answer…

Another edition of Try-It Tuesday awaits!  Proverbs 15:1 and Korean Beef…oh my, let’s get started!


Thanks to How to Pray the Scriptures for our graphic!

Several years ago, I adopted this verse as my words of wisdom.  I strive to live each day with this in mind.

Am I successful every single day?  Afraid not.  Do I feel remorseful?  Absolutely.

Friends, I wish I had taken this verse to heart when my children were smaller, when I worked full-time, when I had “discussions” with a then-boyfriend, when I had “discussions” with my now-husband.  Let’s just say that I have had lots of opportunities to put this verse in action–and did not make the most of those chances.

Thankfully, I have had time to make amends for some of my “less than gentle” words (if any former boyfriends are reading this–sorry!).  But, as we all know, I can’t right every wrong.

Since taking this verse as a way to live, I can say that I have been more in the “right.”  Our God is faithful to strengthen us while we are walking this journey.  Along with the strengthening comes lots of opportunities to show the difference that Scripture makes.

Unfortunately, I am still faced with situations that anger me, frustrate me, annoy me, hurt me, betray me.  What I have found is that, when this verse pops into my mind, I am better able to “hold my tongue” or give a “gentle answer.”  This is nothing that I’m doing–oh no, I know precisely Who gets the credit here.  Our God is the One Who closes my mouth, or prompts me to gently answer.  Sometimes a deep breath (or two…or five) has to happen before I speak.  Sometimes closing my eyes helps.  Sometimes I have to walk away.  But in all those circumstances and lots more, God works so that I can be more like Him.

So today, I invite you to memorize this verse.  Believe me, you won’t have to go long in this life to encounter a situation where this wisdom can be used!  Allow yourself to be calm, gentle, peaceful.  See if you can go an entire day living out this verse–and then make it two days, three days, a week, a month… Pay attention to the difference in the types of interactions you have.  Be sure to give God all the glory as your words become gentler.  The words of wisdom in this verse can truly make a life-changing difference!

While the recipe I’m offering up today isn’t “life changing,” it can offer a change in your normal meal-planning routine.  I made this recipe just last night, and it is awesome.  Korean Beef is a simple recipe that’s big on flavor.  I will offer a few hints for you.  The recipe calls for sesame oil–I have fought buying sesame oil for a while because I thought I didn’t need another oil in my cabinet.  I have seen the error in my thinking–this oil adds tremendous flavor to the meat; in other words, buy the oil!  Fresh ginger is also used for this meal–if you haven’t used fresh ginger in a recipe, once you use it, you will be hooked!  So, buy the ginger!  Finally, the writer of the recipe suggested sprinkling chopped green onions on top.  You know what I’m going to say–yep, buy the onions!  Serve this with rice and some fresh pineapple and you’re set!

See ya Friday!


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