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O God

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So let me ask you–do these verses from Psalm 63 speak to you?  I certainly hope so, because they are a definite heart cry for this chickie!

I have been very busy these past few weeks; so busy in fact that I haven’t really had time to write.  I miss it terribly for a few reasons:  first of all, because it’s a way of connecting with God; secondly, it’s my way of connecting with you; thirdly, because I love to write.  For those reasons alone, these verses cry out to me from Scripture.  But there are other reasons why these verses are so timely.

Some of my friends and I have referred to various times in our lives as being “desert times.”  Do you know what I mean?  “Desert times” are those periods in our lives when our spiritual lives feel dry–no real “food for the soul” coming in.  Yes we know that we receive nourishment during our quiet times with God–and I am soooooo thankful that I have that time with Him (because without it, I would wither up!).  The human aspect of the “desert” comes when we are not receiving spiritual food from other aspects of our lives–whether it be from church, friends, family, job, relationships.  Those “dry” parts of our lives need refreshing.

So if you  feel like you are wandering in the desert, let me offer these verses as “water for your soul.” When you find yourself spiritually malnourished, look even harder to God.  Cry out to Him.  Cling to Him–verse 8 of Psalm 63 says, “My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me.”  I found this picture on social media, and I had to share it with you because it so depicts our need to cling to Jesus regardless of life situation.  Take a look:


Oh sweetheart, how we need to hold fast to our Lord when we face deserts or floods, feast or famine, plenty or want.

Today, if you are in the desert spiritually, know that you do not wander there alone.  Many of us are also trudging along on the dust-laden paths in search of a more spiritually fulfilled life.  If you are in a flood-zone, know that you are not alone there either.  Many of us are finding ourselves overwhelmed with blessings, overwhelmed with trials.  And some of us find ourselves on dusty trails with flood waters all around us–those people feel spiritually dry, but so overtaken by the blessings and love in their lives that the dust isn’t as noticeable on their feet.

Wherever you find yourself, find the courage to walk on. Memorize our verses, hold tight to Jesus.  Praise our Lord because His love is better than life, more powerful than life circumstance.  Lift up your hands, look toward the heavens.  Pay no attention to the dust on your feet–it won’t be there forever.

Sometimes when we find ourselves spiritually dry, God gives us other ways to serve Him, other ways to “fill up” our lives.  In my case, I love to cook–I see it not only as a way to serve my family, but also as a way to serve God by giving my best kitchen efforts to Him.  Through those efforts, I find recipes to share with you.  So today I offer you another delicious recipe to serve to your family.  Ginger-glazed mahi mahi is fabulous!  I think this recipe would work on any thicker sized fish fillet.  Give it a try.  Paired with a fresh spinach salad topped with some seasonal fruit, this meal would fill up your family nicely.  And make sure you invest in some fresh ginger–it really adds to the taste of the dish (as a side note–after you finish grating the ginger you need for this recipe, wrap it in plastic wrap, place in a freezer bag, and freeze.  It will store there indefinitely–or at least for a few years!)

Ginger-Glazed Mahi Mahi

Enjoy this holiday weekend, and remember the real reason we celebrate is not because we have a day off from work.  It is to honor those who have fought for the freedoms we take for granted in this country.  May we never forget their sacrifices for the good of us all.

See you back here again soon!


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  1. Debbie

    Amen & Amen!!

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