Peace, be still…



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Mark 4:39 is our focus verse for today.  It happens in the middle of the story when Jesus is sleeping in the boat, the disciples are panicking, and Jesus does some commanding.  He then later rebukes the disciples, asking if they still have no faith.

So, let me get right to it.  Are you being rocked by some storm?  Do you look out and see endless waves ready to overtake you?  Have you felt helpless and hopeless?  If so, there is Someone Who can calm you.

I hate to break it to you, but no matter how “spiritually connected” we may be to God, there will be stormy times in our lives.  Take the apostles for example.  No other humans on earth were closer to Jesus, yet they found themselves in a turbulent time, with no real hope of help.  These men had seen mighty miracles, had witnessed the heavens open, had been present when demons were cast out–but they still had times of trouble.

 Jesus, the Savior of the world, was in the boat with them during this storm.  He was unphased by it all–in fact, He was enjoying some much-needed rest.  I can imagine being these men, tossed about by the wind and waves.  They wondered if they would make it safely to shore–meanwhile, the Master slept soundly.  “How can He possibly sleep at a time like this?  Doesn’t He realize we are about to die?” they may have thought.  “Doesn’t He care about us?  Surely He must realize the danger we are in now?”

My sweet, how often have we thought these very same things during times of trial, difficulty, storms?  We cry out to heaven, hoping somehow we are heard, but not fully believing that we are.  “Surely if Jesus heard me, He would stop this situation.  How can He possibly ignore me?  Doesn’t He realize how serious this is?  He doesn’t care about me or my life, does He?” our feeble human mind says.  Our enemy hears our doubts, and plays on them, and the storm around us grows in intensity.  Our world is rocked, the waves are high, and we are tossed about in a sea of disbelief and hopelessness.

But oh my dear, we don’t have to stay there.  When we take our eyes off the situation, and place them fully on Jesus, something miraculous happens.  Nope, I’m not going to say that the storm will disappear–sweetheart, you and I both know that sometimes the storm remains.  What I am going to say is that our Jesus hears our cries, and meets us in the storm.  He has command of the winds and the waves that are tossing you about–and whether He calms those or not, He can and will provide calm and peace for you.  The key to that calm?  YOU!  Yep, YOU!

We each have to decide where we are going to focus when the storms come.  We can either put our eyes, our efforts, our fights, our hearts, our everything focused directly on God–or not.  For when we focus on Him, He whispers our verse–“peace, be still.”  Not to the situation necessarily, but to our souls.  The very part of us that connects on that deep spiritual level with Christ–there is where we have the peace.  That place will be calm, will be still, will be peace-filled.  Your part is to focus on God, not the circumstance.  Let the wind blow, let the rain pound, let the boat rock, let the earth shake, let the skies fall, let the mountains tumble–and all the while, God will give us the peace within us that will still every fear and comfort every thought.

Because to focus on the circumstance is to be like the disciples–they had the Peacegiver in the boat, but they could only see the waves.  Focus on God, grow your faith, stand strong in the storm.  Live a life that emanates our verse–no matter what comes–“peace, be still.”

One area that gives some people little peace is meal-planning (like how I jumped there?  Yep, I’m cool like that!).  Let me offer you some help–and give you a little peace this week.  Buffalo Bleu Cheese Burgers from is a delicious departure from your ordinary burgers.  I can hear you now–“I don’t like bleu cheese and neither do my kids.  And buffalo sauce?  Too spicy for me!”  Let me tell you–try these!  I’m not the hugest fan of bleu cheese and buffalo sauce either–but these burgers are great!  The cheese isn’t overpowering, and the sauce just adds a mild taste on the backside of each bite.  Top them with some crisp lettuce, a fresh tomato slice, some left-over cheese and buffalo sauce; you are set to be the Rock Star in the Kitchen!  Pair with some fresh veggies sticks and you are set.  Rock on, my friend!

Kick up the flavor on your backyard burgers! Everybody loves burgers, but sometimes you just want to take things up a notch. Buffalo Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers are surprisingly easy & totally tasty way to give your next cookout a little something extra. The blue cheese and homemade Buffalo sauce (super-easy to make!) provide a delicious zing that you and your guests are going to love. Check out the recipe now.

See you again soon on Be Very Well Fed!


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