No vile thing…

I will

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Well my dear our verse for today, Psalm 101:3, gets right to the point, doesn’t it?

Our world doesn’t allow us to easily live out this verse.  Something somewhere at some time seems to constantly assault us with “vile things.”  To remain vigilant, diligent, and even militant is difficult when we are barraged from every side.  It’s easier to just give up…but should we?

Sweetheart, that’s just what our enemy wants us to do.  He has taken such a hold of this world–he wants us to feel helpless and hopeless to withstand the parade of “vile things.”  After all, if a person sees vile, worthless, wicked, all day long–sooner or later that person will become less sensitive to it.  And then…the enemy has us right where he wants us.  What used to offend now gets no response.  Yep, we are slowly fading…

Go with me for a minute.  I want to show you some images I found while researching this verse.  These are intriguing…

filling             will not

Hmmm… we fill ourselves up daily with the stuff of the world.  The news, entertainment options, sports, workplace gossip–all those and so much more “feed us” every day.  But our graphic makes it so clear–all that won’t feed our souls.  We may go to bed exhausted each night–are we so tired because we have been vigilant about what is before our eyes or because we didn’t fight and let the world overtake us?  I ask myself the same thing…

The second graphic strikes a chord.  My friend, when we watch that show, that movie… when we read that book… when we engage in that gossip…  we are giving approval to it.  We are letting the things of this world “feed us,” we are putting “vile things” in front of our eyes.

Oh sweetheart, we have got to stop engaging in the worlds’ ways of doing things.  We must stop giving our approval to the stuff going on around us.  Even more so, we’ve got to stop being a part of it.  When you go to a movie and hope no one from church is there–well, that should tell you something.  When you go to a store and duck in quickly so no one will see you–again, you are being convicted by the Holy Spirit within you.  When you click off a website when someone comes in the room–my friend, you are allowing the ways of the world to permeate your soul.  As believers in the Savior of the world, we have got to STOP being partakers of this world’s “delights.”

So today, I encourage you to be vigilant.  Take a look, a real look, at what is around you.  Be diligent in your search for “vile things.” And, be militant when it comes to enforcing the removal of such things.  Your soul and the souls of those near you depend on your awareness.

be careful

That graphic leads right into the song that has been on my heart.  It is a modern-day reminder of how important this verse, Psalm 101:3, is to our lives.  Please take a moment and listen, truly listen to what it says.  The video for it is also so very powerful.  Click on the link to listen to Casting Crowns song, “Slow Fade.”

As we strive to live out Psalm 101:3, let’s think of how we spend our mealtime.  Does your family eat together?  I understand that sometimes life’s demands get in the way of that happening.  But, let me strongly encourage you to make eating together a priority.  Studies have shown that eating meals together has a positive effect on the children in your household.  My “men” and I ate together regularly while the boys were at always home.  Even now, when one or both of them are here, it is expected that we will all eat together.  In fact, my kids will wait for us or question whether we are all sitting down together.  It is the “norm” in our home–and I thank God that He impressed this on me early in my “mommy career” to prioritize our eating time together.

So, here’s a meal that you can share as you change or continue your eating together habits.  I may have shared this recipe before, but these Sloppy Joes from The Pioneer Woman are so easy and delicious.  Plus, they are a big hit with the younger members of your household. I like to serve them with some crunchy potato chips (baked, not fried!), and some crunchy veggie sticks.  You probably have all the ingredients in your pantry, so give these a try tonight!

HOMEMADE SLOPPY JOES-from PIONEER WOMAN- she has some of the easiest, simplest, yummiest recipes out there... ♥

Stay vigilant, my friend!  I’ll see you again soon!


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