Unto you…


What’s happening?  Why am I posting a Bible verse dealing with the birth of Jesus in July?  Haven’t you ever heard of Christmas in July?  Well, that’s what’s going on here on Be Very Well Fed!

Luke 2:11 is almost exactly in the middle of the story of Jesus’ birth.  You will recall that the book of Luke tells about what happened prior to the birth (Joseph and Mary coming to Bethlehem to be counted in a census–Luke 2:1-3).  I can imagine that the ride from Nazareth to Bethlehem had to be difficult on the very-pregnant Mary.  The Bible says that she gave birth to Jesus, wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger, for there was no room for them in the inn (Luke 2:6-7).

As unexpected as that was in terms of how the Israelite people thought their Savior would come, that event didn’t happen without some major fanfare.  Our verse tells what the angels said to the shepherds about the birth of Jesus.

Shepherds?  Why in the world would the God of the universe announce the birth of the Savior to shepherds?  I in no way want to sound like I know God’s mind–but go with me a second.  Do you think God brought the news of this wondrous birth to the shepherds because they might be most open to hearing about it?  Think about it.  These guys were out in the fields with nothing but open skies and baaa-ing sheep.  They were free from distractions.  And what better place for a multitude of angels to show up?

So let me ask you.  Are you like those shepherds?  Are you in a place where you can be open to Jesus?  Oh my friend, if you haven’t yet received the full forgiveness of sins from my Savior, I ask you to please make today the day.  All you have to do is confess your sins to Christ (don’t worry about naming them all–Jesus knows them and it’s OK if you don’t list them all).  Ask Him to forgive you and to take those sins from your life.  And just like that…you are a child of the King!

For those who have already accepted that free gift of salvation, I ask you the same question:  Are you in a place where you can be open to Jesus?  The leading and guiding from God only begins when we confess our sins.  He still gives us direction, calms our fears, whispers to our hearts.  But…do you hear those whispers?

My friend, find a place today where you can be free from distraction.  Turn off the tv, leave the phone in another room.  Go to Jesus with an open spirit and a relatively clutter-free brain.  Sit in His presence.  Receive his guidance, listen for His encouragement, feel His peace.  Take your questions to Him and expect to hear His response.  Be ready to find out something new.  Be like a shepherd–be watchful and be ready for something awesome to happen!

After your distraction-free time with our Lord, how about preparing an easy summer supper for your family?  The World’s Best Chicken  from Inspired Dreamer is easy to prepare–you probably have the ingredients already in your home (I know the first picture is weird-looking, but it’s all about the lighting.  The chicken breasts aren’t purple!).  Pair this with some fresh garden veggies mixed with some spinach and other lettuce types; you’ve got a quick, delicious meal that’s nutritious as well!

The Worlds Best Chicken

Enjoy your Tuesday!  I’ll see you here again soon!


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