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Thanks to Mere Whispers for the graphic!

I grew up a mountain girl.  Where my house was situated, there were mountains all around us.  Those mountains, stately and majestic, served as barriers.  They protected us from serious storms, and even seemed to protect us from the “outside world.”  I wasn’t nearly as appreciative of that fact as a teenager as I am now.

When I read this verse, my mind immediately went to my home place.  I remember looking at those mountains daily.  While they were a pain in the backside because they had to be crossed each time we went to “town,” they also served as indicators of coming weather.  It was good to be surrounded by those quiet yet menacing landforms.

I take that mental picture of the mountains of home and apply it to this verse.  Being protected, being safe, being surrounded, being in one place–those thoughts can speak not only of “home,” but also of the Lord’s presence.

Think about it friend.  As a child of God, you go nowhere alone.  You encounter no situation alone.  You walk no scary path alone.  You cry no tears alone.

You and I are surrounded by God and His love.  Take a moment and relax–feel His presence.  Rest in it.  Look up, down, and all around.  He’s there.  Though we cannot see Him, He is still there.  Even when we can’t always feel His presence in our lives, He’s still there.  This verse is only one place in the Bible where we are promised His presence.  What comfort that gives me–and I feel that way each time I read a verse that talks about Him being with me.

So today, I encourage you to make a mental picture of this verse.  Think of a time when you were surrounded by something, and attach that image to the verse.  (Make sure that image is of a good thing surrounding you, not one like what just popped in my head–I just thought of being under a sheet and couldn’t get out because someone was holding it over me–nope, not a good image at all!)  Then bring this Scripture to mind whenever you see that something or think about that something.  Use visual imagery to memorize this verse–it really will open your eyes to the fullness of the words.

And speaking of visual imagery, how about preparing a colorful meal for your family?  Blueberry Chipotle BBQ Pork Tenderloin  from Eazy Peazy Mealz takes advantage of in-season blueberries and warm weather for grilling.  This takes some advance prep work, but your family will enjoy this dish not only with their mouths but also with their eyes as well.  Pair this with some grilled corn on the cob, and you are set.  If it isn’t too hot, serve this meal outside so you can also enjoy the beautiful nature scenes that summer offers.


See you again soon here on Be Very Well Fed!


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