Welcome to Wednesday!  Let’s dive in!

Mary said

Here we are, less than two weeks before Christmas.  The question from everyone seems to be, “Have you finished your shopping?”

Or in other words, are you ready for Christmas?

I have both asked that and been asked that.  As I was thinking about that today, I wondered–why do we have to be “ready for Christmas?”  Why do we think that we need to do certain things before we are “all set?”

Look at our graphic today.  Mary, the to-be mother of Jesus, didn’t wonder if she was “ready” to be a mother.  Sure she had questions on how all the conception of the Child would happen (and who wouldn’t wonder that!), but she didn’t say, “I’m almost ready for that to happen.  Just a few more things.  Come back in a couple of days.”

Oh to be like Mary!!  Here she was– a young girl, unmarried, pregnant.  She probably endured a lot of harsh comments, judgemental glances, hurtful whispers.  She had plenty of reasons to not feel “ready” for what was happening in her body.

Look at our graphic again.  Mary didn’t say, “Why me?  I’m just a young girl.  I’m not rich or famous or married even.  Why did this happen to me?”  No my friend.  Our sweet girl Mary, she let her soul rejoice in what was happening.  She glorified God–why?

Because He had done great things for her.

Simply put, Mary didn’t let her current circumstances distract her from the abundant life she had been given.

My sweet, we all have stuff in our lives that keeps us from remembering truth in our hearts.  Day-to-day grind, work pressures, home stresses, ministry issues, and so much more turn our eyes from the abundance.

And that abundance??  My friend, our God has done great things for us–we should live in that truth, we should rejoice in that truth.

It would do us well to remember that truth.

Today, put aside all the things you feel you “still must do” in order to be “ready” for Christmas.  Don’t you see, sweetie?  We already have “Christmas” in our hearts.  If we have received Jesus as our Savior, He has come into our hearts and made a difference, just as He came into the world so many years ago.  We don’t need to do anything to be “ready” for Christmas–the joy of Christmas happens every day in our hearts, if we let it.

I challenge you to let that joy come back.  Rejoice in the wonder of Jesus, glorify Him in your life.

Remember, as Mary did, that no matter the circumstance–God has done great things for us.



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