but I am

Good snowy Friday to you!

I had to feature a sunny picture with our verse today!  From where I sit, I see snow on the ground, and sleet-like wet stuff falling from the sky.  Yep, this sunny-weather girl just needed a little blue sky in her day, so I got my fix through our graphic!

So…what does it mean to be like an olive tree?  This southern girl has no idea, but through the remarkable-ness of the internet I found out a few things.  On Biblehub.com, I read these from Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible about being an “olive tree:”righteous persons and believers in Christ; who are the excellent of the earth, are filled with the fruits of righteousness; are fat and flourishing; have the oil of grace, the anointing which teacheth all things; are a perfection of beauty, made perfectly comely through Christ’s comeliness; thrive under him, the sun of righteousness; grow in the mountain of the Lord’s house, the church: their grace is incorruptible, their leaf withers not; they are rooted in Christ, and ever continue; they are the sons of peace, and their last end will be eternal peace.”


Pretty cool to be an olive tree, huh?  Except for the fat part…

To continue on in our verse, I have to admit something–I love, love, love the word flourishing.  I hope to be ever flourishing in everything I do.  To flourish is to excel, to thrive, to grow luxuriantly–all of these I want to be present in my relationship with Christ (the “house of God” in our verse).  Remember friends, all other things we do in life should come out of our love and devotion to our Lord.  Wouldn’t it be incredibly awesome to see how God is prompting us to excel, thrive, grow in extravagant ways, through our communion and daily interactions with Him?  Oh sweetie, I pray that you want to live a flourishing life as well!

And our last part…my dear, trust in God is what life is all about.  There will be times when trust doesn’t seem possible, doesn’t seem practical–and it’s in those times when we absolutely HAVE to rely totally on God.  In her book, Jesus Calling, Sarah Young calls trust “a staff you can lean on as you journey uphill.”  That is such a vivid description–think of a time when you were climbing a steep hill, literally or figuratively.  That climb could become so much easier with the help of something on which to lean.  That trust that you give in good times and in bad times becomes the trust you can lean on when you don’t think you can.  Trust makes everything else in your relationship with Christ easier.  Trust is what gets you through one day, and the next day, and the next day…until one day you stand face to face with our Savior.

Today my friend, I pray that you will find yourself as an olive tree–rooted in Christ, thriving, trusting.  May your leaf never wither, may you grow luxuriantly, may you lean heavily on the One who will always be there to support you.

This olive tree is headed out in the snow…does it even snow where real olive trees live?  Hmmmm…..


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