perfect peace

Thanks to for our picture today!

What a beautiful picture, and a beautiful image in our minds as we think about being focused on God!

Welcome, friends, to another Friday here on Be Very Well Fed!

So, where is your mind focused today?

I know, tough question to start with, but it is one I need to ask you as well as myself.

It’s sooo easy to let our minds pay attention to what’s right in front of us:  the pile of papers on our desk, the pile of dishes in the sink, the scattered toys all over the floor, the scattered clothes all over the bed.  All of those things seem to demand our attention; so much so, that it’s hard to focus on anything or Anyone else.

Perhaps you have some serious stuff going on in your world.  Maybe you are faced with an illness, caregiving for an aging parent, financial pressures, job insecurity.  Perhaps a child is walking a path that is destructive.  Maybe you are in a relationship that feels hopeless, loveless, unstable.  Or…you just don’t know where to turn.

Oh my sweet.  My heart aches for you.  When circumstances are so hard, they dominate our thoughts.  It’s hard to see beyond…

But my friend, there is a “beyond.”  Take a look at our verse, Isaiah 26:3–“You (God) will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in You.”  Notice our verse doesn’t say to keep our minds on God when the situations are good, whenever we can, when we have a spare moment.  Nope.

Steadfast.  What is that, anyway? says steadfast is…”fixed in a direction; firm in purpose; unwavering; firmly established;`firmly fixed.”

Hmmm… so let’s apply those definitions and a few more to our verse (yep, remember I’m a teacher–I like to teach you something!). God will keep us in perfect (excellent; entirely without any flaws; exactly fitting the need in a certain situation; complete) peace (freedom of the mind from annoyance or distraction; serenity) when we are steadfast (unwavering, firm in purpose) in our focus.  Take a moment (or two!) and reread that.  Let the ideas behind those Biblical words sink into your mind and your soul.  It’s a lot to take in.

Now, for the good part.  It may seem impossible to fully and completely put your focus on God.  I know.  Let’s try some baby steps first.

In the morning, before your day begins, fix your mind on God.  I’m sooo serious about this.  Use your time in the bathroom, in the kitchen, wherever you start your day, to talk with Him.  Lay your day before the Savior of the world. Thank Him for the day and everything that comes in it.  Ask Him to give you a steadfast mind–one that focuses on Him throughout the day.

But don’t stop there.  When you have an absolutely hilarious moment in your day, thank God for it.  When you have an absolutely horrid moment in your day, thank Him for it and ask Him to help you through it.  When you have a near-explosive moment, thank Him for keeping the explosion away.  When you have a hopeless moment, cry out to Him.  My dear, there are big and small moments every single day that draw our attention to God.  The question is…will you let your mind focus on Him?

I have found that when I make it a point to find God in the midst of whatever and wherever I am, somehow that peace that dwells within me makes its way to the surface.  That’s how we focus on Him, that’s how we become steadfast.  I’m not perfect–and have missed those opportunities for the peace of God to bubble up.  But how sweet it is to have that tranquility, that serenity, in moments when I want to just focus on the negative, on the here-and-now, on the demands.

So today, I pray that you will begin living out Isaiah 26:3.  It won’t be an instant change, and there will of course be moments when you stumble in this process.  Just keep our verse in mind–make it your theme, your goal, your inspiration.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  Our God is One Who gives and gives, and He will notice what you are doing.


Thanks to Postcards from God for this awesome graphic!


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