I don’t always listen…

loving eye

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Welcome to Friday’s post on Be Very Well Fed!

Have you ever really thought about our verse for today?

Yes, we ask God for guidance, for protection, for renewal, for strength, for victory…but do we really think about the fact that He has His “loving eye” on us?

I’ve been reading the book, The Shack, by William P. Young.  An interesting read, a relatively quick read, and a thought-provoking read.  “Coincidentally,” if you believe in those, my devotional reading went right along with the underlying theme of this book.  The main character in this book, Mack, has an encounter with all three parts of the Godhead.  Through this time, our verse is absolutely shown–and made “real” by various situations that are played out in the book.  If you are looking for a book that makes you think a bit, I would recommend The Shack.

Laying the book aside, I began wondering about how I live my life.  Do I always look to God for guidance?  Do I sometimes just think that I can handle whatever is in front of me?  Do I live in such a way that shows utter surrender to Him and His will?  Do I really, really, really, really, listen to His instruction and teaching?  Do I even pay attention to God when I know He’s trying to show me something?  Do I?????

I wish I could answer “yes” to all of those questions.  Truth is, I can answer “no” to some of them.  Now don’t be thinking that I’m some rebellious Christian chick who claims Christ on Sunday but lives like she wants Monday through Saturday–I’m not that girl!!  I realize my need for God–it’s just that I don’t always act on my need for God. For example, I don’t always ask for God’s guidance in personal situations–like a hard discussion with a friend.  I don’t always wait for His words to fill me before I speak–I just speak.  And there are times when I jokingly say, “Lalalalalala…I don’t hear You God!”…but truthfully I just don’t want to hear Him.  Ok, that’s enough confession for today!!

So how does this verse play out in my life?  Well, I can honestly say (I know, more confession!!) that I have been in situations where I don’t know how the words that came out of my mouth came out of my mouth!!  I may have felt one way, but the words that came out were in complete opposition to my feelings (in a good way!!).  I have also spent much time in prayer (some would call it arguing) with God before I have gone into certain situations.  Recently, I have been involved in that prayer/argument time, and God finally broke through in such a way that I could understand–and that led to a real, heartfelt discussion with people whom I love and do ministry.  It was a cathartic, freeing, healing time that my soul soooo desperately needed.

But here’s the kicker, friend.  When we allow God to instruct us, teach us, counsel us, He uses what we are experiencing to help others.  In that prayer/argument/ discussion time, I wasn’t the only one who benefitted from that battle/surrender/release.  No, that’s not how my God works.  He used that time to not only minister to me, but also to minister to others who were there.  Tears and soul-stirring words were also present–and those things were necessary for those involved.  By opening up and surrendering to a passion that I had pushed aside, God came in and worked a mighty movement–all because I finally listened to the instruction and teaching and counseling.  I shudder to think how long I kept that from happening–all because I didn’t like how things were going, and wanted to “take my marbles and go home.”  In other words, I didn’t live in the freedom and knowledge of our verse AT ALL!

Today, my sweet, I ask you to stop.  Stop arguing, fussing, pouting, because something isn’t as you think it should be. Let my situation be your inspiration to make a change.  We humans think we have it all figured out, and we don’t need to “bother” God with our petty stuff.  Through my recent situation, the book, and this verse, I realize that there is no such thing as “petty” to God.  He wants to be involved in our day-to-day–our decisions, our discussions, our annoyances, our frustrations, our pains, our hurts, our disappointments, our jealousies, our chaos.

Truth is my dear, He just wants to be involved with us because He loves us.  No matter what, no matter what, no matter what!!!  He’s there when we encounter “big stuff,” He’s there when we encounter “little stuff.”  He’s just there–all we have to do is be ready to hear His instruction, His teaching, His counsel.   Have the courage, the self-discipline, the humility, to bow before the God of the universe and ask for His leading in your life.  Be ready to give everything to Him, and be ready for an adventure that is yours alone.

Lord, I thank You for not giving up on me.  I know I need to stop relying on myself.  I have seen how You work in my life when I simply surrender to Your teaching and instruction.  I ask for Your counsel to guide me in anything and everything I encounter today and every day.  May my heart, my mind, and my soul remain open to Your leading. Most especially, I ask that You keep Your loving eye upon me–and that I live in such a way that shows my dependence upon You and Your ways. 


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