Confessions…and the book that changed it all…

Hello and welcome to…confessions.

I consider myself a “go-getter.”  I try to get things done in a timely manner.

I follow through with my commitments…most of the time (this is where the confessions start!!).

You see, I follow through with the commitments that I know others will see–church ministry, work, home responsibilities…with (sometimes) just enough effort to get it done.

But friend, here’s what I want you to know.  I don’t always follow through with the things that only I and God know about…yes, I guess you could call me a “closet quitter.”

What do I mean?  Well, let me give you some examples:

  • I make a commitment to eat better–then snack on chocolate (at least it’s dark chocolate! 🙂 )
  • I make a commitment to work out–then call cleaning my house my “workout” (it’s not really!)
  • I make a commitment to read my Bible each day–then spend four hours trying to catch up with the week’s worth of reading I missed.
  • I make a commitment to work on my writing–then leave the blog unattended for weeks at a time.

Shall I go on??  I didn’t think so.

Yep.  I just continued through my “make-a-commitment-then-do-something-else” life, thinking no one was being harmed by my “think-it, not-do-it” attitude.  But then, a book came into my life.

I became part of the Launch Team for 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit, and all my thinking changed.

5 habits 1

I started reading this book thinking it would be a good read, I’d have the chance to be on the “inside” of a book launch, and I’d have some fun in the process.  Never would I have thought that I’d find myself on the pages!

Through personal stories, Nicki Koziarz (author of 5 Habits), took me on a ride that I wasn’t prepared to take.  She spoke of things she had started and quit, the ideas behind the quitting, the justifications she made…

She could have just as easily been writing about me…

Oh my!  What????

I’m not a quitter.  I see things through to the end…most of the time.

A section in 5 Habits is called “The Quiet Quitter.”  Though I had seen myself before, from that part of the book onward, I saw my face, my life, my excuses, my “quitter-ness” on the pages.

I was completely shocked!!!

And…might I say…a bit discouraged.  After all, this go-getter chick had never thought of all the things she had quietly left behind as being stuff I had quit.  I had to take a few moments to digest this new knowledge about myself.  I was tempted to quit reading this book (yep, another “quit” in the making…)

5 habits 3

But then, along came my God…

And just like that, He used Nicki’s words again to encourage me.  In 5 Habits, Nicki utilized the book of Ruth from the Bible to counteract those “quitter tendencies.”  I found myself drawn to the points that were made from Ruth’s story. I began believing that I could change those habits and ideals that kept me from being a person that people could count on to complete a task–and by “people,” I mean myself and God (because most of my quitting impacted only me (so I thought), and as this book helped me see, it impacted my relationship with God as well!).

I am so thankful that I read this book.  God used it in a mighty way to show me some truth about myself…but He didn’t leave me there to wallow in self-pity.  Nope, through the words of 5 Habits, God showed me how to become a “woman who doesn’t quit.”  Using Ruth as a guideline, Nicki brought out those qualities that I want to have both privately and publicly.  I want those 5 habits shown in Ruth’s life to be evident in mine as well.  Being able to look at Ruth and see how she didn’t quit–well, this book has totally transformed how I will view her story!  I loved the tenacity of Ruth before I became a 5 Habits girl.  Now I will see the similarities of her life and mine–both stories of perseverance through obstacles and obedience to the great and mighty God!


Reading this book has opened my eyes to the wondrous world of possibility–to actually finish things I start!  Are you finding yourself saying, “yes, I’d like to be a ‘non-quitter’ myself”?  Then I wholeheartedly recommend this book to you.  It’s an easy read, with lots of “underline worthy” quotes, practical applications, and a Biblical foundation that will ground you more fully in God’s word.  Join the revolution–became a “woman who doesn’t quit” by reading 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit by Nicki Koziarz today!  Finish the book–you’ll be sooo glad you did!

5 habits 2

Until next time, my sweet…


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  1. A wonderful book and a must read for everyone. Thank you for sharing.

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