Soul thirsts…


Happy Monday!  Our verse for today is Psalm 42:2—“My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.”

If you know me personally, you are well acquainted with the fact that I always have water.  Everywhere I go, no matter how long I’ll be away from the house—I always carry a water bottle.  In fact, I get a bit crazy when I can’t find it, or I happen to forget to bring one (oh the horror!!).  Why am I so obsessive about this?  I’m not exactly sure, but I think it’s because I can’t stand to be thirsty.  If I get a dry throat, it’s so comforting to know that I have something to relieve it.  Maybe my water bottle is a grown woman version of a security blanket???  Let’s not go there…

floor notes

(This is my workspace currently… Notice the ever-present water bottle!)

My aversion to thirstiness makes me really look at our verse.  Do I have the same drive to cure my thirst for God?  Do I long for Him?  Do I want to know His ways?  Do I yearn for His presence?  I wish I could say yes…and a lot of the time, the answer would be yes.  But not all the time.  You see, my sweet, the daily demands on my life sometimes “quench” my “thirst.”  I’m busy enough, I’m away from the house enough, I’m “social interaction-ed” enough, I’m _______ enough.  I have enough “other things” and my soul’s longing don’t always get first billing on my “want list.”

That is, until recently (like seriously recently, like the past few days recently).  God has been working on this chick’s perspective.  He’s uncovering some facts about my life that need changing—or rearranging.  My God is opening my eyes to…thirstiness.  Not the physical kind (I’ve got that covered with my trusty water bottle!).  No, this is a different kind of thirsty.  I am finding myself wanting more from my life with God; and by wanting more, I mean more of Him.  When I read devotionals, I see myself in them.  When I see Christian memes about walking closer with God on that popular pinning site, I’m shaking my head in agreement.  My friend, I am becoming a walking, talking, mistake-making example of our verse.  And…I’ll be honest.  It’s a bit scary.

What will my life look like if I live in soul thirstiness for God at all times?  How will I move through circumstances with such fervor?  Am I capable of living a life of constant yearning for a deeper relationship with my Creator?  I don’t know the answers, but I do know that this is the deeper level into which my Jesus is calling me.  I can’t say no…I don’t want to say no.  But this chick who makes satisfying a physical thirst a priority is nervous about stepping wholeheartedly into an area where soul thirst is constant.  Even in those moments of uncertainty (and there are many!), my God whispers words of encouragement—“I (God) am here,”  “You need more of Me,” “Seek Me and you will find Me.”  My Jesus takes my hand, and leads me down this unknown path of thirstiness—and I only say, “Yes, Lord.”

Won’t you join me, my friend, in this incredible adventure of running after God with zeal?  Come with me as we let ourselves thirst for the fullness of God.  Allow the parched areas of your soul to be drenched with the Living Water that flows from the fountains of our Savior.  Never be satisfied with “status quo” living again…  I’m tired of moving through life routinely; now is the time to yearn for Christ and all that He has planned for me.  Will living in thirst be comfortable?  Nope.  Will running hard after Christ be easy?  Definitely not– the world and our enemy will try their hardest to distract us or get us to slow down.  Can you and I afford to not to pursue Christ with fervor?  Absolutely not.  We were not made to live life without passion, without zest.  Come with me—this is sure to be the adventure of a lifetime!  I am planning to stay thirsty…

…but my water bottle will be there with me!!

water bottle


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