Here I am…

here 2

Welcome to Wow from the Word Wednesday.  On this day, I hope to share some Scripture that really spoke to me.  My prayer is that God will use what I have learned to help you as well.

So, for my first installment, I will rely upon Genesis 22.  Let me set the stage for you. Abraham is living life, going about his business.  He and Sarah had a child LATE in life, but through his faithfulness to God,  Abraham has been assured that his line will continue for many years.  Everything is fine and dandy.

Until this chapter.  As you see, I am using the first verse.  The Scripture says, “some time later…” God calls out to Abraham, the NIV actually says “God tested Abraham.”  Abraham’s response is our target verse.

If Abraham knew what was coming…I don’t know if he would have said, “Here I am.”  If I were in his shoes and knew what was coming…that would be tough.  You see, God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac.  The son he and his wife had longed for.  That beautiful, sweet, answer to prayer boy.  But, without question, up the mountain Abraham and Isaac went…

The Bible tells us that Abraham readied his son for sacrifice.  He placed Isaac on the wood and, with knife in hand, prepared to offer his son to God.  At the very moment when all looked hopeless, God gave him a ram to sacrifice instead of Isaac.  An angel of the Lord called out to Abraham, and once again, his response was, “Here I am.”  The Lord provided–and that is where we first get the mention of one of the names of the Lord–Jehovah Jireh.

Even when the answer could have cost him his only son, when the Lord called out to Abraham, he said, “Here I am.” Perhaps he remembered God’s faithfulness to him in the past.  Maybe he remembered God’s promises to him. Maybe he simply believed and did what God asked without question (Genesis 15:6 says, “he believed the Lord, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”).  Whatever his reason, Abraham’s great faith has made him a role model.

I want a faith like Abraham’s, so I’m asking you to join me in this.  I have taken on the idea of whatever God puts in front of me, I say, “Here I am.”  So far, it’s been quite the adventure.  I, like Abraham, can look in my past and see how God has worked.  I, like Abraham, can remember what God has done for me.  I, like Abraham, can trust God to lead me in paths that are the best for me.

Have all of my “here I am’s” been easy?  Noooooo.  Have I wanted to say, “I’m not here?”  Yeeessss.

But this is what I’m learning.  When I say “here I am,” I get a little stronger.  A little stronger in my faith.  A little stronger in my bravery.  A little stronger in my self-control.  A little stronger in my prayer life.  A little stronger…

All of us have areas where God is calling to us.  We can find lots of excuses to not answer, or to say not now.  I am asking you, my friend, to stop with the excuses.  Take the time to actually listen to what God is calling you to do. Spend time at His feet, getting more confirmation in that area.  And when He speaks your name, have the courage and faith to stand tall and say, “Here I am.”  Your life will never be the same–and all you have to do is answer Him.

“Here I am, Lord.  What’s next?”

Dear God, thank You for not allowing me to be stagnant, for not allowing me to stay stuck in one place.  These calls that You place in my life are not easy, and at times are even scary.  But I trust You to lead me in paths of righteousness, to keep my steps steady, and to be my constant companion along this journey.  Grant me the courage to both hear Your calls and to answer with complete certainty, here I am.


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