Oh yes, how I do enjoy thorns.  Especially the ones that grab hold of your fingers even when you haven’t touched them–it’s as if they have their own minds.

I live in the country.  In front of my house is a nicely unkempt area or two that my husband refers to as “animal habitat.”

It’s a grown-up space with weeds, mystery trees, grasses, and…wild blackberries.  Animal habitat.

Anyway, I have an abundance of wild blackberries bushes in my yard.  They offer food for the many birds, rabbits, deer, whatever animal that decides to bound through…  But, they also offer food for the humans living on the property.

If…you can pick them.

Here’s where the thorns come in.  They are tiny little things, and they shouldn’t be so painful.

thornBelieve me, they are.

I have foolishly tried to pick the luscious black fruit without gloves. I have cried.

I have tried picking the yummy berries with gloves.  I have fussed.

Why can’t these bushes be less thorny?  In truth, the whole bush is one big thorn!

I’m no biologist or plant expert, but I think the bush is trying to protect the fruit.  The seeds that will enable more thorny little bushes to grow are in that hard-to-get berry.  Mr. Plant doesn’t want anyone or anything to prohibit the growth of more bushes.

You’re welcome for the science lesson (or science guessing, as the case may be).

 But…the reward for going through those thorns…is worth it.   The fruit is sweet, and burst in your mouth like a tiny piece of nutritional goodness.  I don’t, however, get many of those fruits–because of the thorns. thorny berries

Think of life.  We all have “thorns” that inhibit us in some way.  Maybe you have a co-worker that never sees the positive.  Perhaps a family member is constantly “nudging” you to do something.  It may even be that you have a physical “thorn” that prohibits you from doing something you once enjoyed.

Paul, the apostle who wrote 2 Corinthians, knew about thorns. “Therefore, in order to keep me (Paul) from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me”  (2 Corinthians 12:7).  There was something that Paul wanted to do, but this “thorn” kept him from doing it.  Did he just sit around and wait for the thorn to disappear?  Nope, he continued on his God-given journey to spread the fame of Jesus to the Gentiles.

His reward for going through the thorns was worth the price.

Perhaps you are going through a thorny time.  Maybe you are so scratched up, so beaten up, so bloody from the events of your life that you want to give up and let those thorns win.

Oh my sweet.  Keep fighting through the thorns.

Hold in your hand the “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Ephesians 6:17).  Rely upon the Creator of the universe to get you through the thorns.  Fight, be active, keep going.  The thorns are hard; they hurt again and again.  Your body and spirit may want to stop fighting–but you have to battle on.  In your life, in your soul, all around you, is the One Who loves you more than anything, is the One Who fights your battles, is the One Who will give you victory over those thorns.

Your reward for going through those thorns will be worth the price.




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