Now what…??

So, what are you doing today?

Staring at the piles of gifts and boxes and bags and tissue paper?pile-of-boxes

Looking at the Christmas decorations in your house and wondering why you put up so many?

Thinking about when would be the best time to dismantle the Christmas tree?

Yes, Christmas Day is over.  The build-up and anticipation of the day has passed.  Family members may have already left.  Even your left-overs may be gone.

I hope your leftovers are gone…

After such a festive event like Christmas, you may be left with a lingering question…

Now what??

I absolutely love the month of December–at least the part that falls before December 26th.  All the craziness and chaos only adds to the specialness of Christmas day. The searching for a gift and the racking of the brain for menu ideas are things I mostly enjoy (tell me this next December when I’m going crazy again!)

And then comes December 26th.

I  experience the letdown after Christmas.

I find myself thinking…now what?

The gifts are unwrapped, the eating is done, the visits to and from my family are over, the anticipation has ended, the wonder of the season has passed…

Or has it??

My sweet, we are not supposed to feel this letdown.  Christmas Day, while it is wondrous to celebrate, isn’t the only day we are to celebrate.

As Christ followers, we should be rejoicing every day over the magnificent gift of Christ.  We should remember the awesome sacrifice He made to come to earth as a baby. We should respond to the incredible tugging at our hearts to worship Him constantly.

But we don’t do that, do we?

And because we don’t, we are left with the “now what??” thought.

 As those “now-what’s” came into my thought process, my Lord gave me this verse: Colossians 3:17–whatever

My friend, my God has once again worked on my perspective.  My “now-what” has been turned into a “continue on.”  Christmas may be over, but my love and devotion to Christ hasn’t ended.  I need to “keep on keeping on” for my Savior.  I have many “gifts” to unwrap daily.  I can shine “light”  into any situation.  I can do plenty of “decorating” within my sphere of influence.

You see, December 25th is only one day.  We have our entire lives to bask in the glory and goodness of our Savior’s love.  We can give that love to others through our actions and words.  This “season of giving” should have no end with us–as we receive forgiveness and mercy from God, we should also pour those out on the people around us.  I write that for you as well as for me, my dear.  

So…now what???  Now we step on–committing our actions and words to Jesus, and doing everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.  Rejoice, my sweet.  Much of the world believes that Christmas is over.  But we know better.

The celebration hasn’t ended…

…oh no, my friend.  It has only begun…


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