Zoned out…

I zoned out recently.zoned-out

Totally.  Completely.  Like how did I get here-zoned out.

And I was driving.

Scary, I know!

I cannot describe to you the brief, yet completely unnerving feeling I had when my brain finally kicked back into the present–and I had to figure out where I was versus where I needed to be.

Yep, zoned waaaaayyyy out!

I wish I could tell you that I was having a deep, spiritual conversation with my Lord.  Or that I was talking to someone with my nifty hands-free set-up in the vehicle. Or that I was simply distracted by something I saw.

But…that isn’t the case.

What I was thinking and doing for those few minutes is and probably always will be a mystery.

As I said…scary!

After I recovered from my trip to the dark recesses of my mind, I had a chance to reflect on what happened (after I got out of the vehicle, of course!!)

How did that happen?   Where did my thoughts go?   Why can’t I remember any of it?   Should I be concerned?

Sadly, I got no answers.  Instead, my Jesus led me in a different direction…not one I expected.

He turned it around to my soul.  I started thinking of my spiritual self of late.

I’ve been doing a great Bible study, I spend time with Jesus each morning, and I read the Word every day.  Still, I sometimes find myself wondering what to do in certain areas of my life–how did that happen?  

How can I feel so connected to God, yet sometimes feel like I’m not walking in the way He wants me to walk? There are moments when I question the very things I know I shouldn’t.  Where did my thoughts go?

In my lowest moments, I hear the whispers of my enemy telling me I’m not good enough.  Telling me I won’t be missed.  Telling me I’ll never reach the student who needs me the most.  Instead of hearing the promises of my Savior, instead of thinking of His faithfulness–why can’t I remember any of it?

Should I be concerned?  Have I zoned out in my relationship with Jesus?

My friend, that heart-to-heart with my Lord has been one of the greatest encounters I have had with Him.  In His sweet yet firm way, He pointed out so many truths to me.  Truths I had overlooked.  Truths I had taken for granted.  Truths of which I had head-knowledge, but not heart knowledge.  I hadn’t zoned out in my relationship, but I had started to move Him out of the equation in some areas of my life.  Scary!

Can you relate to having head-knowledge about God, but not heart-knowledge?

Sweetheart, it’s OK.  God used this crazy out-of-my-head occurrence to bring a real truth into my life–and He can do the same with you (hopefully without the experience I had!)  All you have to do is be open to His voice, ready for His leading.  Ask Him to show you a new truth about Him.  Then, hang on!  I can promise you that it will be a ride that you won’t forget!

Those questions, as hard as they were to hear and think about, actually have guided me back into a more fulfilling relationship with God.  Yes, there are still questions swirling around (aren’t there always??), but that peace that truly only comes from God is now front and center in my life and heart.  I know He is moving in my circumstances, I believe He is straightening the paths, I have no doubt that He is working.  All those revelations and heart-knowing truths from one brief zoned out moment??  You bet!  My God doesn’t need a lot of time–He just needs my attention.

zone-out-focusThese verses from Philippians 3 sum up my whole zoning-out experience, subsequent God time, and renewed vision quite nicely.  Check them out!

So today, tune into God.  Stop allowing the many distractions of this world to keep you from the Lover of your soul. Move out of the driver’s seat and let God take control of your life (yes, my sweet, it is a decision we have to make every moment to let God be in control).  When you stop zoning out in your relationship with Christ, you can start focusing more on those things He wants to give you–protection, provision, peace, patience, love, joy, kindness… the list goes on and on.  All you have to do, friend, is look, see, be, know, and experience.

Stop zoning out!  Become fully sold out to Jesus! Get on the right track–and stay on it!!!




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